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Qidong Jin Zhou welding material co., LTD. (haimen jin yi welding material co., LTD.), developed jointly with Shanghai jiaotong university, USES the science the unique advanced production technology, successfully in the manufacture of stainless steel electrode needed to "low carbon ferrochrome powder" the scale of production, for the welding electrode manufacturing industry at home and abroad to provide quality accessories. The product in 96 was named the "national science and technology committee" national new products, to fill the domestic blank. By jiangsu science and technology commission identified as "high-tech products" into the provincial spark plan, zhong wanxie for science and technology progress. Is the first domestic production of low carbon ferrochrome powder enterprises, products throughout the country each big, medium-sized welding electrode factory.

The company was established in 1992, the existing production workshop area more than 6000 square meters, has designed the mechanical equipment, more than 50 sets. Have a fully equipped laboratory and perfect testing instruments, to ensure product quality long-term stability. Supply products: low carbon ferrochrome powder, high-carbon ferrochrome powder, low carbon ferrochrome powder, carbon ferromanganese powder, titanium iron powder, electrolytic manganese metal powder, vanadium iron, molybdenum iron powder, metal cr powder, atomized iron powder and other powder. Also added new products - SSD, S - 107 SSE, 260 - SSC, 431 - SSF, submerged arc welding. Products through the ISO9001:2000 quality management certification, certification number: CN - 01946. The annual output of more than 10000 tons.

Adhere to the principle of customer oriented, internal set up customer first idea of top-down and firm, with new production technology and management, improve the level of enterprise production and management. Sincerely hope to get the new and old customers continue to support, and continue to cooperate with partners at home and abroad, and create a brilliant performance.


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