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Universal welding rod true and false identification

In order to ensure that you can purchase genuine universal welding rods, please pay attention to the following items

US SMC International Superalloy Welding Material - Technical Description

Nickel 141 electrodes are mainly used for arc welding of Nickel 200 and Nickel 201 alloys, welding of nickel-plated steel on the nickel-plated side, and for surfacing of steel. The reaction of titanium and carbon in the weld metal reduces the free carbon to a relatively low level, so the electrode can be used for the welding of low carbon nickel alloys (Nickel 201).

The gap and expectation of China's welding consumables industry

Large-scale backbone welding consumables enterprises are the hope of China's welding consumables national industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Silver Brazing

Scientists and archaeologists have confirmed that brazing is one of the oldest methods of joining materials. Dating back to 1500-2000 BC, ancient brazing was first used primarily in the manufacture of jewellery and handicrafts, but in metals such as gold and silver, it was found that the welds existed in their natural form and produced new metals, and the alloys were Derived.
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