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Jin Yi Welding uses advanced thinking, advanced theory, advanced system, advanced management, advanced technology to understand people, respect people, agglutinate people, nurture people, and inspire people. Therefore, while realizing the all-round development of people, organically realize the prosperity of enterprises. Strengthen employee training and create a corporate image. The corporate image comes from the recognition of the public, the so-called word of mouth. Improve employee satisfaction with the company to promote business efficiency and quality.
Train a service team, starting from answering the phone, to understand the needs of customers, and do their best to help customers reach, let others be satisfied, instill in each employee the next process as a customer, make the work to satisfy themselves, and make the enterprise form A powerful "combat corps".
Use the system to highlight and promote the corporate culture. For example, the company adheres to the policy of “relying on employees to run enterprises and running enterprises as employees”, so that employees have a positive attitude and a strong sense of development to invest in continuous innovation and win the enterprise. The competitive advantage has laid a solid foundation.


Business philosophy:

Innovation, cooperation, win-win


Corporate vision:

Talent-oriented, technology-leading, customer-oriented

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