Distinguishing the true and false of universal welding rod

Release time: 2019-11-06

In order to ensure that you can purchase genuine universal welding rods, please pay attention to the following items:

1) . Identify the manufacturer. Universal welding rod is produced by a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITW Group in the United States. It does not produce welding rods with other labels except those with the label of [MAGNA].

2) . Identify the trademark [MAGNA] and correspond to the variety you want to buy, such as MAGNA 303 (Magna 303), MAGNA 770 (Magna 770), and MAGNA 777 (Magna 777), to prevent counterfeiting.

3) . Identify the packaging. Universal welding rod is vacuum packed in yellow plastic box, only 2KG/box and 4KG/box; The welding wire is packed in gray long plastic cylinder (about 1 meter). As shown in the color picture.

4) When purchasing, ask for the<<product quality certificate>with the corresponding batch number.

5) In order to prevent stringing and ensure the quality of welding rods, our company only sells in the form of complete packaging, not unpacking.

6) In order to prevent the customers from being deceived by the company's friendly tips: the company is the only professional agent in Shanghai, China (company account name: Shanghai Sirete Welding Materials Co., Ltd.). If there is any act of pretending to be the first-level agent of Shanghai General Agent China General Agent, as well as any illegal act of pretending to be, counterfeiting or imitating universal welding rod products to deceive the interests of the customers, please call the customers or come to the company for verification, Our company will fully cooperate with consumers and relevant government departments to investigate and deal with illegal acts and safeguard the interests of consumers.