The gap and expectation of China's welding material industry

Release time: 2019-11-06

Large backbone welding material enterprises are the hope of China's national welding material industry. In the past few years, some enterprises have achieved the accumulation of funds to varying degrees. They have the conditions to invest more funds to update production equipment and purchase advanced testing instruments, so that the enterprises can reach the higher level. Only in this way can we recruit talents, make "talents have a place to use", and enhance our research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities.

According to relevant foreign data, at present, there are five welding material companies with the strongest strength in the world. The market share of these five welding material companies in the world welding material market except China is: European Issa Company accounts for 11%, American Lincoln Company accounts for 11%, European Shafu Company accounts for 7%, Japanese Kobe Steel Welding Material Company accounts for 7%, and American ITW Group Company accounts for 7%. These five enterprises together account for 43% of the world welding material market except China, and play an important role in the world welding material market.

It is expected that China's large backbone welding material enterprises will be committed to enhancing their own strength and can compete with foreign well-known welding material enterprises in terms of production and assembly level and detection methods, so that foreign key users can have confidence in the stability of high-quality welding materials, and also enable domestic key users and key projects to eliminate doubts when purchasing high-performance welding materials. Therefore, only by fundamentally strengthening the strength of the enterprise, rather than making a superficial article, can we really enhance the innovation ability and create a famous brand, and become one of the most powerful welding materials companies recognized in the world.