What kinds of welding materials are there?

Release time: 2023-02-03


Using degreaser to clean the metal to be welded will help to weld more firmly. Grinding or filing the bevel along the edge of the weld will help the liquid metal penetrate into the joint deeply. Clean the weld by slight grinding or filing. Do not weld excessively, which will damage the weld.


The electrode tool transfers the current from the welding machine to the material to be welded and turns it into a liquid by heating. The electrode head is made of non-expendable tungsten. Due to the uneven or weak shape of the weld, some welds need to be fed to strengthen the joint, and the welding rod uses electrode feed to feed wire.

Angle grinder

Use an angle grinder to help smooth the joint and clean the metal surface before welding.

Electrode furnace

Electrode furnace is the basic welding material used to store welding rods or continuously heat welding rods.

Electrode holder

The two copper wires and cables are covered with a tough insulating layer, which is used to transfer the current from the welding machine to the welding machine. The electrode support is required. The support is light, the heat insulation is firm and easy to use, and can withstand the wear during continuous operation.

Grounding clamp

The grounding clamp is used to connect the grounding cable to the workpiece or welding station. The cable connector is required to connect the cable to the machine.

Protective equipment

The welding mask can protect the face and eyes from electric rays and molten metal splash. Hold it with one hand and weld with the other hand. Other materials include chisel hammer, wire brush, glasses for cutting weld, auxiliary clamp, anvil, heavy hammer and pliers. [2]


Welding rod is the melting electrode used for power arc welding with coating. It is composed of the coating and the core.

(l) Welding core. The metal core covered by the coating in the electrode is called the welding core. The welding core is generally a steel wire with a certain length and diameter. During welding, the welding core has two functions: one is to conduct the welding current and generate electric arc to convert electric energy into heat energy; The second is that the welding core itself melts into the filler metal and the base metal to form the weld.

The door steel wire used for welding can be divided into carbon structural steel wire, alloy structural steel wire and stainless steel wire.

(2) Drug skin. The coating pressed on the surface of the welding core is called the coating. Applying a coating composed of various minerals on the outside of the bare electrode can stabilize the arc combustion and improve the weld quality.

Some reducing agent shall be added in the coating to reduce the oxide to ensure the weld quality.

Due to the high temperature effect of the arc, some alloy elements contained in the weld metal are burned (oxidized or nitrided), which will reduce the mechanical properties of the weld. By adding ferroalloy or pure alloy elements into the electrode coating, it will be transferred to the weld metal with the melting of the coating, so as to make up for the burning loss of alloy elements and improve the mechanical properties of the weld metal.

The improved welding process performance makes the arc stable combustion, less spatter, good weld formation, easy slag removal and high deposition efficiency.

In short, the role of the coating is to ensure that the weld metal has the required chemical composition and mechanical properties, and that the electrode has good welding process performance.

The main welding materials for oxygen cutting are: cutting nozzle, oxygen welding gun, oxygen cutting nozzle, flux, base metal (welded material), welding gloves, protective mask, etc.

The main applied industries are metal sheet metal industry, hospital equipment industry, mold manufacturing, furniture factory, bicycle industry, and ship mooring industry... which can be said to be useful in all industries.

Stainless steel - aluminum alloy welding materials: Al-Si solder powder 304 #, Al-Si solder powder 430 #, Al-Si solder powder.