Introduction to welding materials

Release time: 2023-02-03

Now the welding industry is developing rapidly, mainly including argon welding, CO2 welding, oxygen cutting, electric welding, gas shielded welding and self-protection welding.

Argon welding

The main welding materials used for argon welding are: argon welding gun of argon welding machine (including cloth sleeve, small gas pipe * 2 main gun head, tungsten needle clip, porcelain nozzle, copper head), mainly using argon welding wire (308L 316...), stainless steel electrode, tungsten needle (general specification: 1.6 * 150 2.4 * 175 3.2 * 175), argon welding cap.

CO2 welding

The main welding materials used for CO2 welding include: CO2 welding machine (divided into many types, different welding machines are used according to different industries), CO2 welding gun, CO2 front gun, elbow, insulator, connector, conductive nozzle, CO2 welding wire, CO2 portable welding cap

Gas shielded welding

Gas shielded welding mainly refers to the welding conducted by gas shielded welding. The main gases include (CO2 gas shielded welding, 80% Ar+20% CO2 gas welding). As long as it is a welding method that uses gas to separate the welding area from the air, it is generally sent continuously with welding wire.

Self-shielded welding

Self-shielded welding refers to the welding method that only relies on the flux core of the welding wire to protect without additional protective medium during welding. It is also generally known as open arc welding.